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PLEASE NOTE: Coronavirus, and the resulting negative effects on the economy, have created both a shortage of barrels and a huge demand for them. This has made it difficult for us to obtain barrels and has driven up costs. As a result, our inventories are low, and we are temporarily out of some varieties that we typically carry. 

These barrels have NOT been cleaned, washed, sanitized, or prepped for use in any way. I leave that up to the purchaser. All barrels are sold as-is, with no warranties or guarantees expressed written or implied. All buyers should satisfy themselves as to the condition of the barrels prior to purchase.

 fixed top


55 Gallon Solid Top w/ 2 screw out plugs

(we can cut tops off for additional $5.00 per barrel)

In Stock

Price Each



 removable lid


55 Gallon w/ Removable Lid

In Stock

Price Each



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