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We accept cash only. No exceptions. 

No checks. No debit. No credit. No PayPal. No Venmo.


All sales are final and there are NO refunds or exchanges. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. You will have the opportunity to inspect and measure any barrels prior to purchase. We have yard sticks, measuring tapes, and barrel wrenches on hand. 


All barrels are used and are sold as-is, where-is, with no warranties or guarantees, expressed, written, or implied. We do not clean, wash, sanitize, sterilize, or prepare barrels for use in any way, that is up to the buyer. Barrels may have labels, markings, residue, light wear, etc. on them. 


Please note - we operate by appointment only. Call or text to set up a time. We are frequently available throughout both the week and on weekends.  

We have a large horseshoe driveway, eliminating the need to have to back up. There is plenty of room for large vans and pickup trucks and trailers. 


Due to time constraints and fuel costs, we deliver only to Washtenaw, Wayne, Lenawee, Livingston, and Monroe Counties, and only on orders of 25 barrels at a time. 

A $40 delivery fee will be added to the total cost.



Here are just some of the things customers purchase barrels for:

rain water, drinking water, sump pumps, sunken landscape features, storage containers, movie props, trash cans, compost containers, emergency preparedness, survival and bug out purposes, floating docks, swim platforms, farm use, livestock and chicken feed storage, cat food, dog food, and bird seed storage, shipping containers, transportation, storing oil, gasoline, and coolant, burn barrels, boat motor storage, filtration systems, outhouse basins, camping, industrial uses, yard and garden, urban gardens, hydroponics, grow operations, costumes, wine making, maple sap collection, workshop and woodshop dust containment, making cabbage and sauerkraut, bee keeping and honey storage, etc.

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